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Antares Club Hotel Lagoinha

Located at the beach of Lagoinha, Antares combines the charm of an amazing landscape with different sport activities and entertainment.

The sea of Lagoinha provides perfect soft waves where children can play at their best. The peaceful and serene atmosphere of Antares is an oasis in Florianópolis, specially for its distance from more urban centers.

Swimming, tennis, paddle, gymnastics, games for kids and a variety of events organized every summer, make of Antares the perfect place to enjoy your vacations.

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Antares will make some changes on its hospitality services in 2017. The hotel will offer delicious snacks on its premises in front of the sea, that will be available between morning and early afternoon. Snacks include fresh salads, sandwiches, fruit juices and ice creams. At the same time, a new independent restaurant will open its doors next to the hotel, offering amazing lunches and dinners that include fish, pasta, meat and the best of the Brazilian cuisine. This restaurant will not be part of Antares but will preserve its same spirit and atmosphere.

The snacks will be able from October to the end of May. Possibly, the restaurant will follow the same calendar.

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